Taos Nativescapes specializing in organic Landscaping  and irrigation systems in Northern New Mexico since 1996.

Design, Installation, Maintenance.

March 2004...

   We have many years of creating, maintaining and enhancing the gardening experience of clients in Taos and surrounding areas. Over the years we have developed many successful strategies for dealing with the unique challenges our high desert, high altitude climate offers with it's alkaline soils, cold winters and hot, dry summers. AND we do it all organically!

   Below you can see just a few of our more recent projects. I hope you'll bear with me as I bring this web site up to scratch. In the meantime...

What can we do for you?


Functional Landscaping
Irrigation Systems
Flagstone & Rock work

Fencing & Shelters
Raised Beds

 Gravel Walk

And Much More!


In our high (and dry) desert climate the first order of the day is of course,  water.  Over the past few years we have really perfected our irrigation techniques through knowledge working both on our own systems and other people's finding out what works and (perhaps more importantly) what doesn't. We now have our choice of components to design and build systems down to a science. We now know what will work where, when and how.

Very few installers appear to have a comprehensive understanding of the components and options available to avoid problems such as too much water pressure, too little pressure, or what to do to prevent a plant's subsequent growth from blocking a discharging head's flow.

One size fits all does not work for plants which often have differing water needs.  One of the beauties of gardening here is that our harsh, dry climate, altitude and tendency toward alkaline soils limits the number
and type of plants that will survive let alone thrive here. This, however means that with just a little knowledge of the habits and life cycles of our native plants and those that have proved adaptable to the area it is possible to provide a constant panorama of bloom and foliage that requires very little maintenance once established.

Of course, an understanding of soil conditions and appropriate amending and mulching cocepts is very important.  Despite our short growing season it is quite possible to grow a cornucopia of vegetables and herbs here with the use of just a few simple strategies.

We have a cheerful, hardworking crew and pride ourselves on being prompt, knowledgeable and efficient in our work.  We  can design and complete a vegetable garden and show you how to care for it. We can deliver any number of combinations of annuals, perennials, ornamentals and flowering and fruiting trees and shrubs. Or just help you complete your design.

what We can do for you...

We can prune your young fruit trees. We can restoratively prune your neglected and abused older trees and suggest a management plan for optimum health. We can beautify your dwarf junipers and mugo pines, thin out your pinons, even trim your chamisa and sage into shapes.

We can make your Russian Olives into "real" trees (just don't ask me to plant one) and cut down your Chinese Elms (or at least thin them out).  We have plenty of experience laying flagstone pathways or we can erect a latilla fence perhaps with honeysuckles, sweetness or creeping vines to add both beauty and aroma. We offer creative rock work in combination with flora and fauna (perhaps an unusual sculpture or two?).

In short, we can come in and complete a project that takes a half a day or we can take a virgin home site and provide a complete, integral landscape.  We are just beginning to investigate the possibilities offered by water features.


Please don't ask us to lay sod or till and seed a lawn. I will gladly plant you an orchard of native fruit trees and perhaps a screen of gorgeous manchurian roses and hawthorn bushes. I find it an affront to use such a precious resource as water to maintain a landscape feature that nature never intended to grow in an area such as ours! I will gladly till an area to plant a mixture of high altitude, dry land grasses and wildflowers that shouldn't take too much extra water to become established. Especially if serviced by an acequia.

At Taos Nativescapes we offer competitive rates and of course, we will furnish appropriate references should you be interested in our work.

Needless to say we remain committed to an organic, holistic approach to landscaping that aims to work with nature rather than against her!

I hope you have enjoyed this short presentation and that it has inspired you!

Please email us at tp@taosnativescapes.com or call (505)587-1023

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I arrived in Taos County on January 13th 1983 having left England just a few months before. That year I grew a substantial vegetable garden and have been growing every year since.  Of course the trick ( especially in those days ) was finding a way to make a living. I joined Southwestern Forestry Workers Co-op, a member owned and organized business, where I learned to bid and field crews on forestry jobs ( mostly tree planting and trail making ) across the Southwest.

I also signed up as a forest firefighter and fought fires across the country both on type 2 crews and as a hotshot.  In between contracts I would work on other people's landscapes on a job by job basis doing my own gardening whenever I could! By April 1997 I was tired of leaving my family for weeks at a time and decided to launch Toby's Garden Service. I have been busy "growing" ever since.  In April of 2001 we became 'Taos Nativescapes'. I continue to advance my personal horticultural knowledge through industry publications and through seminars and classes. Last year I officially became a 'Master gardener' (!) Of course i tyr and pass any accumulated knowledge on to my crew whenever I can. Just ask them!
Toby Pocock. March 2004.